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ITop Screen Recorder –What Are Benefits?

To record various manual activities on your computer keyboard during tutorial, you can use iTop screen recorder app. It is an easy-to-maintain tool for instant video capturing as fast as you can. Face-to-face conference is also recorded by this upgraded screen recording system. 

Benefits of iTop Screen Recorder

  • Save time by capturing the live video conference 
  • Instant video recording is more useful for references in the future 
  • Recorded screens can be edited for better presentation 
  • Share your recorded screens with overseas clients for data analysis
  • The fast video conference recording without third-party 
  • No catch
  • No extra cost of capturing videos with iTop screen recorder
  • No spam is detected in iTop screen recorder
  • No hassle to record videos 
  • Easy access to the recorded screens using multiple devices

How to Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission on All Windows PCs

People who are habituated to doing instant video recordings should know how to record Zoom meeting without permission. To monitor the activities of your employees secretly, you can record the meeting using top-screen recorder software. You do not require permission from your clients. 

Steps for Zoom Recording 

  • Install the iTop screen recorder on your system for activation
  • Select the specific screen area for instant recording 
  • Plug-in to run your audio system like a microphone for audio-visual recording 
  • Reset the time by fixing the video recording duration (say 30 minutes)
  • The full-screen or pop-up small screen size for video recording is helpful 
  • Edit the screen and then start video recording 
  • Using zoom technology, you can have snapshots of running conversations from a distance
  • If you have a webinar and webcam, you can do the online video zoom recording without any permission from the other end
  • Set the zooming modes in 720p, 1080p HD, and 4K versions for perfect screen recording
  • The quality of the voice and picture can be improved by using different modes 
  • Color pixels or resolution quality is also maintained technically 
  • The denoiser mode is also helpful for reducing the impact of harsh noise outside 

Save Video Files 

After successful video recording, you should save files in multiple modes like MP4, AVI, MKV, and MOV. Later, you can shift these video files to your other devices. 

Edit Recorded Screen 

Free video editor is a good assistive tool for you to cut and resize the zoomed screens after recording. Often, unwanted video clips and activities disturb the flow of video tutoring. Edit and cut to size the large screen for your own convenience. If needed, you can post or add a few lines/emoticons/short messages to the screens. It will be more presentable video screens.


Check online demos and reviews to know how to record Zoom meeting without permission It is easy and fast to capture the direct live video conference through a webcam. The screens are recorded in HD format. Your video recording systems help you track your employees. You can also use this iTop screen recorder for game capturing and tutoring purposes as well. 


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