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Blueface Son Javaughn J. Porter: Everything About Him

Javaughn J. Porter, son of Blueface rises in this academic world. There are many star’s children who live luxurious lives with their parents, he was no exception. But, as a firstborn child of Blueface, he maintained his well-balanced life without his father’s fame. He usually kept a low-key lifestyle without going to Bluface’s stardom. Like other star kids known for his parent’s position, he is something different who keeps his life simply beyond his parents’ spotlight. In this article, we know everything about him, let’s explore.         

Who Is Javaughn J. Porter?

Javaughn J. Porter is the firstborn child of American rapper Blueface (real name is Jonathan Jamall Porter). He was born in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California on April 28, 2017. He was 6 years and 10 months old in 2024. His mother’s name is Jaidyn Alexis. Javan’s mother is of Asian, White, and Mexican descent, while his father is of mixed African-American and Mexican descent. Javaughn has maintained a fair profile despite his father’s growing reputation in the music world. It’s important to remember, that Javaughn’s mother was a musical artist who influenced his childhood and gave him a caring atmosphere. Sometimes he appears in his father’s musical videos like “Dead Locs”, and “Daddy”. 

Javaughn J. Porter has become popular rapidly in the entertainment industry at just seven years old. Even the famous boy has already shown his personality and adopted his father’s characteristics. He has already shown his modelling talent for multiple high-end childrenswear brands. He also starred in two of his father’s music videos.

Additionally, Javaughn has gained popularity on popular talk shows, such as the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He also gives a short cameo in the movie “Welcome to Gizmo City.” Javaughn is rapidly becoming famous on Instagram, where he has more than 27K followers. 

A Quick Bio About  Javaughn J. Porter

Name Javaughn J. Porter
Date of birth April 28, 2017
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Age 6 Years And 10 Months Old In 2024
Gender Male 
Father Blueface
Mother Jaidyn Alexis
Siblings Younger Sister Journey Alexis Porter 
Parent’s Occupation Father Bluface – Famous American RapperMother Jaidyn Alexis – Musical Artist Of America
Nationality American 
Ethnicity African American 
Known for Rapper Blueface’s Son 

Everything About Blueface

Blueface is an American rapper and composer who grew to fame in the hip-hop industry with his excellent skills. Blueface, whose real name is Jonathan Michael Porter, was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 20, 1997 (27 years old in 2024). 

Here are some important information about his life:

  • Career in the Music Industry: In 2018 Blueface released “Thotiana,” the breakthrough track that got him overall honour. Within the hip-hop world, his unique off-beat technique has attracted both credit and criticism for his rapping style.
  • List of songs: He makes “Famous Cryp” a mixtape debut, including songs like “Thotiana” and “Respect My Crypn”. He has built a strong list of songs by releasing several singles, collaborations, and mixtapes within a short amount of time.
  • Collaborations: To increase his visibility and influence people, Blueface made a team with other well-known musicians in the field. There are some partnerships that he included with Cardi B, YG, Lil Pump, and other artists.
  • Controversies: Like many other musicians, Blueface has faced criticism throughout his career. In this hip-hop world, he has been honoured by some and criticized by some.
  • Social Media Presence: Blueface shares with his fan base and posts updates about his music and personal life on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.
  • Net worth: Blueface’s achievements in the music industry, and his financial status are dedicated to his net worth in 2024. His estimated net worth is around $4 million, but this amount could depend on his future efforts and personal choices. 

Everything About Javaughn J. Porter

Let’s explore about Javaughn J. Porter – give your eyesight below:


The birthplace of Javaughn was the town of Los Angeles, California, USA, on April 28, 2017 (6 Years And 10 Months Old In 2024).


Javaughn’s father’s name is Bluface, he is a famous American Rapper and his mother’s name is Jaidyn Alexis – a Musical Artist From America. Javan’s mother is of Asian, White, and Mexican descent, while his father is of mixed African-American and Mexican descent.


Javaughn has a younger sister named Journey Alexis Porter. 


Javaughn J. Porter was born in the year 2017. He is a seven-year-old child in 2024, and every day, his personality grows. He is a Taurus in the zodiac.

Weight and Height:

Javaughn weighs about 24 KG and stands 60 inches tall. He has curly hair and a dark complexion.

Relationships & Siblings: 

Journey Alexis Porter, his young daughter, is his only sibling. She is three years old. Most people here want to know who girl Blueface is dating. Let me tell you, she is Jaidyn Alexis, mother of Javaughn and journey porter. Their close bonds with one another are frequently observed on social media, mostly Instagram.

The connection between Blueface and her wife caused controversy in the US media, but they handled it with great maturity. The results of DNA tests verify that Blueface and his wife Jaidyn are the parents of both children.

Financial Stability and Net Worth

As of 2024, Javaughn’s net worth is estimated to be $50,000. He can purchase all of his toys and chocolates by himself. He is also able to play his preferred video games. 

His contracts are signed by his parents, who also give him money. Born into Blueface’s family, Javaughn J. Porter will receive his father’s wealth and possessions.

Social Media Platform:

At just seven years old, Javaughn is already a rising celebrity with a vast collection of fan base on Instagram and other social media sites. He updated his lifestyle with fans.


How Old Was Javaughn J. Porter?

Javaughn J. Porter was born on April 28, 2017 (6 Years And 10 Months Old In 2024).

What Is The Net Worth Of Blueface?

Blueface’s net worth is around $4 Million.

How Many Kids Does Blueface Have?

Blueface has two kids named Javaughn J. Porter and Journey Alexis Porter. 

Who Are The Parents Of Javaughn J. Porter?

Javaughn’s father’s name is Bluface – a famous American Rapper and his mother’s name is Jaidyn Alexis – a Musical Artist From America.


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