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Kokoa TV – Best Platform for Web Series, Drama, TV Shows

Kokoa TV represents the service of video streaming and it is made on-demand. It includes movies and television shows following the license. It was established in 2015. Kokoa TV has expanded to the biggest service of internet subscription in the world. The goal is to watch movies and television shows. 

There is a subscription fee per month. The subscribers of Kokoa TV can watch movies and television shows. It includes popular companies of media. These renowned companies are NBC, ABC, Warner Bros, and FOX. Kokoa TV presents authentic content to win awards. It includes Stranger Things, Black Mirror and The Crown. 

Subscription Plans of Kokoa TV

To understand the plans of subscription, Kokoa TV presents amazing plans. These plans fulfil the requirements of the customers. 

  • The basic plan consists of the perfect definition of streaming for a particular screen.
  • The standard plan consists of high-quality streaming for two screens at a time.
  • The premium plan permits 4K streaming. It takes place on 4 screens. The visitors can see these screens simultaneously.

Application of Kokoa TV in Different Devices 

The application of Kokoa TV is present in the reputed gadgets. It includes smart television, computers, streaming devices, tablets, and smartphones. They will love to see them at any time and any place. Kokoa TV could be utilized easily for personal profiles. We can use Kokoa TV with the watchlist. The referrals are made based on the nature of watching.  

Kokoa TV –  Excellent Service at an Affordable Price 

You will get a wide range of choices in the entertainment. It is good for people from all age groups. Kokoa TV had been regarded as the perfect choice. There are different services like satellite TV and normal cable. Kokoa TV is the right choice for them. The price is cost-effective. A person can see shows which have won awards on television.

 An individual can see movies which have won several awards. The documentaries shown on Kokoa TV have won several awards. There are no commercials in documentaries, movies and television shows. The biggest advantage of Kokoa TV is that you can see it on demand, which means you can watch it at any time. 

What are the popular movies and shows on Kokoa TV?

Kokoa TV presents different forms of reputed movies and shows on television. It will be perfect for any mood. 

First Series 

Kokoa TV has been popular for its authentic content and it has won several awards. The popular shows on the website are as follows: 

The Queen’s Gambit

It is a show categorized under fiction. The story dates back 1960s and 1950s. It narrates the story of a girl who is quite young. She is a prodigy in chess. This had turned out to be a touchpoint of culture and she gained international recognition. 

Stranger Things 

This is a series categorized under Horror and Science Fiction. It dates back to the 1980s. It talks about those kids who discover unusual activities in a tiny town known as Indiana. There were followers of the cult. It became a popular pop culture. 

What are The Popular Blockbuster Movies in Kokoa TV? 

Kokoa TV shows a list of highly popular movies. It ranges from blockbusters to recent films. The popular titles are as follows: 


This film can be grouped under science fiction. This movie has reputed actors like  Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan. This movie was launched in 2010. 

Pulp Fiction 

This movie has been categorized under Crime and it is quite influential movie. The movie dates back to 1994. The storyline of this movie was quite complicated. It assisted the acting career of John Travolta. It increased the popularity of Samuel L. Jackson. Quentin Tarantino is a popular actor in this film. 

The Godfather 

This movie was shown in 1972 for the first time. It has been regarded as a highly popular movie. This movie could be grouped under Crime. In this movie, in New York,  Francis Ford Coppola chases the mafia from Italy.

Process of Signing Up in Kokoa TV

There is a system to sign up at Kokoa TV. We create a list of steps to sign up for the account. They are as follows: 

Creation of The Account 

You are going to form a free account for Kokoa TV. You can explore kokoatv.com and then click on the button named “Sign Up”. On the home page, this is found at the top. The user will be asked to go inside by adding an email ID. Then the individual should add a username and password. It is important to add the query related to security. 

Choice of The Right Plan

You form the account. Then you choose the subscription plan of Kokoa TV. There are three primary plans in Kokoa TV. They are as follows:

Basic Plan

The cost of this plan is $4.99 per month. You can explore the full library of content on Kokoa TV.  You can watch from a single screen and the quality is SD. 

Standard Plan

You can watch from 2 streams at a time. The cost of the Standard Plan is $9.99 per month. The quality is HD. You can watch several movies and television shows. 

Premium Plan

The cost of Premium Plan is $14.99 per month. The quality of the video is 4K Ultra HD. You can enjoy news and live sports in this package. 


As you complete going through this amazing guide, you must be ready to subscribe to Kokoa TV. You can begin watching different types of movies. You can watch authentic content and shows on television. The subscription plan is cost-effective. The streaming has a high standard. The library of content is really big. Kokoa TV presents an unforgettable feeling of entertainment. It will match the mood of any person. There are amazing documentaries on Kokoa TV. Everyone should watch those documentary films. It is important to explore the free trial of Kokoa TV


What are the right devices for the Kokoa TV Application?

You can use smart TVs, tablets, computers, and mobiles for watching Kokoa TV. A person can also use the Kokoa TV application on Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku. 

What is the speed of the internet for the perfect streaming?

The internet speed should be 5Mbps and this is the minimum speed. For HD streaming, the speed should be 25Mbps.

What are the methods of payment in Kokoa TV?

You can buy the subscription through online or in-app. You can use PayPal or popular credit cards. 


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