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Is Lexi bonner still alive: Find out through our digital copy

One of the best things about social media is the fact that it can turn a nobody into an internet sensation. This is what happened to the search term “Is Lexi bonner still alive”

Out of nowhere, we get this search term popping out on every forum site and blowing up on Twitter and Instagram. This is why as an author of Vscosearch.com we will let you know about this term that has been revolving around the internet. 

Why is social media the algorithm showing “Is Lexi bonner still alive”? 

Well, to be honest, social media only cares about two things. First, if the content is engaging or not, and second if the audience in the social media apps likes it. If they like and comment on a specific picture or a video, the content will be ranked on the top. If the content is genuine or not it doesn’t matter to them and hence this is also the reason why this search term has been all over the internet 

The start of the controversy

Lexi is a high school student who is 21 years old.  Since she was having problems with her parents she and her friends decided on a plan that their friends that they would upload a video on Instagram and tick tok with a title known as Is Lexi bonner still alive

This was just created for fun so that her parents could love and care for her more.  She never imagined that it would go viral on social media and that people would be taking her so seriously. 

What happened to Lexi Boomer after the controversy 

Well, she came out clean when the video reached her parents and they knew it was a setup. She said sorry to the entire audience over the socials that was an immature thing to do. People who expressed concern at the start were very disappointed by the behavior and attitude of the girl. 

How Lexi Boomer Controversy Affected Others 

Well, a genuine case surfaced over socials where a girl could not be found in her hometown and her friends reported that. Due to the Lexi boomer, this story did not go viral and people called this a hoax.  Though it was verified by the police authority that the case was genuine 

What should you do 

Whenever you see such a viral post. Make sure that you are not quick to judge. Always and at times verify the source.  Perform the following steps : 

  • Make sure that the information comes from a trusted website and news outlet. 
  • Make sure that you have double-checked with relatable sources. 
  • Report if you have verified the information of the story and report it to socials claiming it to be false. 


Well, that’s it!  There is nothing more to explore about  Is Lexi bonner still alive, than this short news roadmap that we have provided for you. Now you know why people went dotty about  Is Lexi bonner still alive. If you feel that our reason was well worth our browsing, it’s advised that you could subscribe to our newsletter. 


Why should I care about Lexi bonner still alive?

According to our research and understanding,  Is Lexi bonner still alive can be treated as a living reminder that all information that goes viral should be trusted.

Is Lexi bonner still alive in socials?

Yes. since it was a scam, the girl lives with her parents in a small town in michigan

Can  Is Lexi bonner still alive help people?

Yes. Because I can now be aware not to take social media so seriously.


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