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How Smartrack S5 Prevents Vehicles from Theft and Vandalism?

With the SmarTrack S5PLUSiMOB tracking device, you can monitor your automobile from anywhere and take control of it with only a button press, giving you peace of mind. It is a useful tool for preventing car theft and a reliable method of tracking your car’s whereabouts to keep it secure.  

All permitted drivers can carry Driver ID fobs instead of bulky, cumbersome driver IDs thanks to smartrack S5 D-id.

One vehicle tracking system that might help keep your car safe from theft is the SmarTrack S5PLUSiMOB. GPS, GLONASS, GPRS, and GSM technologies are utilized to monitor the position and velocity of the vehicle. Additionally, it includes an immobilization device that prohibits starting the automobile without the driver’s identification card.

Superior Monitoring & Safety 

The TQA-approved Smartrack S5 insurance-approved tracker comes with round-the-clock monitoring services and has undergone testing and classification. 

Utilizing GPS and GLONASS satellite networks, the Smartrack S5 Thatcham tracker optimizes GPRS and GSM technologies to make it the most complete theft recovery gadget now on the market. 

Updated ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) cards for Bluetooth devices. You are protected against keyboard theft, cloning, and unauthorized keyless access (such as relay attacks) with your D-iDT Bluetooth Driver Detection Card.

The S5 tracking device has an improved internal battery backup mechanism and is an enhanced version of the CAT 5 Thatcham tracker. This implies that even if the power source to your car is cut off, your S5 Tracker will continue to function.

Key Features Of The Tracker: 

  • Immobilisation: For the car to start, you must have the D-iD app open or a Driver Detection card in place. 
  • Android as well as Apple phones can be used to access the Driver Recognition – D-iD Mobile
  • App or Driver ID card Global Telemetrics Mobile App. 
  • Optional Alarm Input: You may link an aftermarket alarm to your tracking device. If the warning light goes off, the command centre will contact you to make sure your car is secure.
  • Safe Online Account with Geophones and Tracking

Guardianship From Keyless Car Theft 

Modern security features on the SmarTrack S5 Immobiliser System are designed to thwart even the most cunning theft attempts, making it an essential line of defence against theft of keyless vehicles. The following are some ways that the SmarTrack S5 Immobiliser System assists to protect your vehicle: 

Deactivating Keyless Entry

The SmarTrack S5 system gives you the option to temporarily turn off both ignition and keyless entry systems when not in use, making it much harder for criminals to gain unauthorised entry to your vehicle. By stopping these systems from collecting and amplifying signal from key fobs, criminals will find it much more challenging to gain unwarranted access.


The system’s remote immobilization capabilities allow you to immediately stop your engine from starting or running in the event of a theft attempt. This function may be activated instantaneously by thieves, even if they manage to get inside your automobile.

GPS Monitoring

The SmarTrack S5 utilizes GPS tracking technology to enable you to monitor where your car is at all times and provide law enforcement with all of the information they require to quickly recover it if it has been stolen.

Thatcham Endorsement

SmarTrack S5 Immobiliser System has received Thatcham certification, making it acceptable to various insurance providers and offering cheaper premiums as an economical security option.

Why Utilize Remote Immobilization With Smartrack S5+? 

As previously said, the SmarTrack S5 Tracker for your RV has many functions, however the following are some essential ones: 

  • Security: The SmarTrack S5+ Remote Immobilisation might help deter theft by making it harder for robbers to start your RV. 
  • Convenience: You may use the SmarTrack S5+ Remote Immobilisation to turn down your motorhome’s engine from anywhere as long as you’re connected to a connection to the internet (such as home WiFi or 4G). This might be helpful if you wish to prevent someone from accessing your travel trailer or if you think it has been changed. 

Always On Track. 

Using multi-network roaming SIMs, SmartTrack ensures the strongest network connectivity at all times in all of their products, including Pin-Point Accuracy. 

Global Telemetrics uses independent repatriated investigators worldwide to assist in the recovery of automobiles in addition to collaborating alongside every local and federal law enforcement agency. These crews can help retrieve our clients’ automobiles since they are well-versed in the area.

Driver Recognition System On Autopilot 

The basic feature of all Smartrack S5 Thatcham-approved trackers is ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition). The driver tag used in this version is the size of a credit card. This implies that you can carry it about in your handbag or wallet with the least amount of hassle or additional work. Offering defence against key pillaging, and key cloning, including keyless entry/theft, ADR is a very powerful solution.

It will be your responsibility as an approved driver to possess an “ADR Proximity Fob.” This is something you always have in your car. When you go into your car, your ADR system identifies your card instantly. It is not necessary to disable anything or contact it towards a touchpad. Simply hop in your vehicle and go!

Final Words

A strong choice for preventing theft and illegal access to your automobile is the SmarTrack S5 Immobiliser System. Its Thatcham accreditation, real-time tracking capabilities, and advanced safety features make it an effective barrier for both your vehicle’s security and your peace of mind.

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