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the // blog: Where Tech meets Authenticity

The internet has been divided into two. The search term the // blog has created a spark in the tech world and also in the fitness industry. According to our team at vscoseach, we believe that this search term is related to the tech industry and we will reveal exactly why we think so

Why should I care about the // blog? 

You should because this tech magazine provides the most authentic information for tech enthusiasts that is found today.  It uses the combination of expert advice and research to give you the best information possible. The  R&D team of the // blog has been the source of many Fortune companies like Nike, Loreal, and Ikea.  

Now you might ask why these companies refer to this new tech website when there are thousands of other websites that are available on the internet today. Well, it comes down to authenticity and reliability. The top tech websites that are available today started great but somewhere down the line they have lost their in providing genuine and unbiased information 


Recently there was an incident on NIKE where an employee of Nike behaved extremely badly with an employee who was short on cash to buy a shoe. Instead of showing empathy and kindness the employee was downright rude and spoke fire. The video was posted by  the // blog and that’s when they need to upgrade their employee training. 


Loreal recently faced a huge black slash from a customer where the skin care product that promised glass skin gave customers acne-prone skin. The internet was outraged but the management did not do anything to stop the production line. When the video was posted by the // blog things started to take a different term when the video reached the CEO of l’oreal and the production line was stopped. 


The Ikea stores in Japan were facing loss of money every day. The CCTV and the employees could not detect who was stealing money from the strong. Until the team of  the // blog stepped in and changed the infrastructure. The authors of the website went as a trainee to IKEA store and acted as an employee and found out that there was an employee who hacked the IKEA software and stole a lot of money from them. 

Shortcomings of the // blog

One of the shortcomings is that we have found that the magazine is really expensive. Well the quality of writing is by far one of the best that we have seen and the level of research is exceptional so we can’t really complain about it, but for the people who don’t want to invest this amount of knowledge we understand you and we won’t judge. 


 the // blog is the future and there is no denying it. Giving users visualize something even before the actual process begins would be huge. As discussed Nike, Ikea, and L’Oreal are already leveraging this technology to their fullest and increasing their sales and revenue. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

Is the // blog the future? 

According to our research, we believe it is without a doubt. We have given you real-life examples of how this magazine is being used and that should be a living reminder that it would be the future king. 

How to Apply the // blog?

As discussed wardware can be applied using mixed reality. You would need your IT team or a team of developers that would fast-forward the process. 

Is the // blog Expensive?

As stated it is expensive as it can cost more than 30k dollars per month.. 


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