Explore VSCO People Search: Connect with Creative Individuals 

VSCO Search has made a massive wave in the digital landscape of photography and photo editing. If you have already come through the platform and are inspired by VSCO creators, you might have also learned about VSCO People Search. The platform has recently launched a people search feature that allows finding new people and connecting with them to share ideas and knowledge. 

In this article, we are going to explore unique insights into VSCO search people. You can find tips to discover new accounts to follow and expand your network on VSCO. So, brace yourself for this exciting voyage of connecting with creative influencers. 

Understanding of VSCO People Search

VSCO People Search is a unique feature offered by the VSCO Search platform to communicate with new people and communities. Here, you can find individuals and their details like name, email, username, location, or phone number. This way, you can connect and collaborate with individuals and create more unique work. 

VSCO search people show you possible perfect matches based on the username you have searched. You can also search for more details to find the right person. However, the profile you are searching for needs to be a public account. Otherwise, it will not show up in the results. 

How to Find Friends on VSCO? 

If you want to know how to search on VSCO, tap on the two smiley faces located in the upper left corner of the screen. It will take you to the page where you can find a big plus sign in the top right corner. Click on it to see “Find My Friends”. Here, you will find three options. 

Option 1 

If you click on “Add from Twitter”, it will get you to sign in to your Twitter account and see the list of your Twitter contacts who also have a VSCO account. 

Option 2 

If you click on “Add from Contact”, it will ask for your phone number and a confirmation code. This way, the VSCO People Search will be able to navigate through all your contacts and check who has a VSCO account. 

Option 3 

The last option allows you to type an existing profile name to find a specific person. It will only work if you know the exact username. 

How to Utilise VSCO People Search?

Now that you have a clear understanding of how to search on VSCO, you need to know how to properly utilise the platform to search people. Here is how you can discover inspiring profiles on VSCO People Search

Explore Featured Users 

The platform regularly features users with extraordinary feeds to inspire beginners and communities. Browse the featured profiles to find talented editors and their artworks to follow. Never be afraid to reach out and leave comments on photos and edits you love. Who knows, it may lead to a new connection and even collaboration. 

Search by Interest 

Try to search based on your liking topics, such as #portaits, #travel, #adventure, or #landscapephotography. This way, you will be able to find profiles that post about those interests. You can also search using hashtags, as it is an effective way for others with similar interests to find your creativity. 

Follow Friends 

VSCO People Search allows you to connect with your contacts to see which of you are on VSCO. It makes the search process much easier for individuals to follow new people. The more people follow you, the more your creativity becomes visible. 

Check Out Who Others Follow You can also find who your favourite users are following for profile recommendations. The advantages are, that the people they follow will have a similar esthetic. This way, you can discover new potential followers without having to search through thousands of random profiles. 

Expand Your Network on VSCO – Finding New Friends

Finding new friends on VSCO People Search is one of the most effective ways to expand your network. Here are some effective tips to expand your connectivity on VSCO Search. 

Search Trending Hashtags 

You can search for popular and trending hashtags related to your interest, such as #vsco, #vscogood, #travel, #vscocam, or #summar. It will help you to find edits and photos from influencers with similar interests. You can like and comment on the photos, as some users might follow you back or start engaging with your creations for collaborations. 

Join VSCO Challenge 

You can participate in VSCO photography or photo editing challenges. It is a significant way to get exposure and connect with other influencers. You can directly join the official VSCO challenge or search for challenges by specific topics. You can expand your VSCO connectivity by following other users for the challenge and engaging with their content. 

Collaborate on Projects 

To expand your digital connectivity on VSCO People Search, you can find creators with similar interests and propose project collaborations. Collaboration is one of the most effective ways to foster copromotion and expand digital networks. Followers will engage with the projects and follow other VSCO creators as well.  

VSCO People Search VS Other Social Media Platforms  

Here are some common differences between VSCO People Search and other major social media platforms:

Community Over Influencers 

VSCO is built around photographer and editor communities, not around popular celebrities or influencers. This platform does not provide any verified badges or famous user-pushing products. VSCO Search provides equal chances to build and gain exposure to show their creativity. 

Privacy and Anonymity 

VSCO offers facilities to use your real name or stay anonymous according to your preference. You can also choose your profile to be private or public. VSCO does not track your personal data or sell it to third parties. 


VSCO focuses on artistic and high-quality photo and video editing. It does not contain any spam, ads, or sensational clickbait. The curated feeds spotlight outstanding work from the communities. Amazing tools such as editing features, filters, Discover, and VSCO People Search make it easy to search and connect with other creatives. 


Now, you are fully equipped to start with the powerful searching tool of VSCO, VSCO People Search. Whether you are networking, reconnecting with old friends, or just curious to see what other creators are up to now, VSCO makes it easier for photographers and editors. 

If you are a photography and editing enthusiast, give VSCO a try and start searching for new creators for successful collaboration. Personalise your network and create unique artwork. Happy searching and reconnecting!


1. What is VSCO Search? 

Ans: VSCO Search is a photo and video editing and sharing social networking platform. It focuses on visual storytelling and creativity through a wide range of effects and filters. 

2. What is the benefit of VSCO People Search? 

Ans: VSCO People Search allows you to reconnect with friends and other people who have an account on VSCO. You can search and follow other creators with similar interests and find inspiration from their innovative works. 

3. How to expand the social network with VSCO Search? 

Ans: By using popular hashtags, joining in new VSCO challenges, and collaborating with other creators, you can expand your networking on VSCO. You can like and comment on other’s photos, as some users might follow you back or start engaging with your unique creations.

4. Why VSCO Search is different from other social media platforms? 

Ans: Unlike other social media platforms, VSCO Search allows each user the same opportunity to show their creativity. VSCO does not provide any verification badge or famous user-pushing products. 

5. How to use VSCO People Search? 

Ans: You can browse the featured profiles of VSCO People Search to find talented editors and their artworks to follow. You can also search using hashtags to find your creativity, as it is an effective way to find others with similar interests.

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